Do You Know What’s Hiding in Your Water?

Clean Water, Fewer Contaminants

Clean water is perhaps the most important resource we have access to, but too many people assume if the water flowing from the tap is clear and colorless, it must be safe to drink.

Since 2010, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) has tested water samples all across the country, including most of California. The EWG has found hundreds of different contaminants in potable water all across the United States, so maybe Flint, Michigan wasn’t an isolated accident after all.

Plenty of Filters to Choose From

Sunrise Natural Medicine is pleased to offer a wide array of MultiPure filtration systems designed to fit every aspect of your home, including gardening and shower attachments:


The next generation of water filtration for your home has PureBlock bacteria and virus removal and is NSF-certified as a microbiological purifier. Intelligent features that integrate seamlessly with your home and lifestyle.

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NSF Data


A versatile option for anyone installing an existing faucet. Easily configured for use on-countertop or under-sink.

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NSF Data


For whole-house solutions, Aquasource is a fixed installation in your garage or basement, usually near the water heater.

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Attaches to your existing shower head for pure, dechlorinated water every time you shower.

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Going someplace without clean tap water? Add to bathwater and lower chlorine levels in under a minute.

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Connects to your garden hose and filters out any heavy metals or chemicals your plants can absorb.

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