Do You Know What’s Hiding in Your Water?

Water Filtration Systems

Cleaner Water. Fewer Contaminants. Quick Install.

Clean water is essential for our livelihoods. But when much of our water is contaminated, it’s not only harmful to the environment, but also to our health.  Since 2010, water utilities’ testing found pollutants in tap water across the United States, according to EWG’s drinking water quality analysis. Sunrise Natural Medicine is pleased to offer our clients clean, water filtration systems to ensure every water source in your home delivers healthier cooking, washing, and drinking water. We believe the quality of your water is directly related to the quality of your life. Therefore, we support clean water filtration products that improve our water and keep our families and our communities safe. Get cleaner, more healthful water for your family today!

Filtration Systems We Offer


Next generation water filtration. Intelligent features that seamlessly integrate with your home and lifestyle.

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This versatile filter can be installed to an existing faucet on your counter-top or below-the-sink with a standalone chrome faucet.

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A whole-house water solution, this system installs in the garage or basement, near the water heater, as a fixed-location filtration element.

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A filter that connects to existing showerheads, providing all the health benefits of Multipure dechlorinated water in your shower.

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All the benefits of Multipure water without the need for plumbing attachments. Swirl in the bathwater for 30 seconds to reduce the presence of chlorine.

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Connect this filter to your garden hose for cleaner, more healthful water that your plants need to truly thrive.

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10 Reasons Why

Our Patients Love Our Water Filtration Sytems

  • Less Toxic Drinking Water
  • Better Tasting Beverages
  • Protects Every Family Member
  • Spend Less on Bottled Water
  • Easy and Convenient to Use
  • Healthier Food Preparation
  • Nationally Recognized Standards
  • Easy Faucet Install Without Tools
  • Pets Benefit From Clean Water Too!
  • Access Clean Cooking Water