What are symptoms of thyroid issues?

There are two types of thyroid problems: Hypothyroid (body doesn’t produce enough thyroid hormone) and hyperthyroid (body produces too much thyroid hormone).

Hypothyroid symptoms include weight gain that you can’t seem to lose, fatigue, weakness, sensitivity to cold, thinning hair, dry skin, constipation, and depression.

Hyperthyroid symptoms: Racing heart or irregular heartbeat, unexplainable drop in weight, sensitivity to heat, anxiety, fatigue, trouble sleeping, hair that breaks off.

How we can help with thyroid issues

Several symptoms of thyroid issues are the same as those often associated with aging or other conditions, so problems go un-diagnosed. We’ll likely recommend testing to identify root issues. We don’t just look at a range of ‘normalcy.’ We want your hormone levels to be optimal so that you can feel your best. The good news is that thyroid issues can frequently be treated with natural products and lifestyle modifications. Our doctors are licensed to write prescriptions for thyroid hormones if that is part of your recommended treatment protocol. Everything we do is individualized for you and for your best health.