You may know better than to warm foods in plastic containers, and you’ve probably heard that the flaking-off nonstick coating on various cooking pans isn’t a healthy addition to your diet.  Stainless steel, glass and ceramic are becoming more widely available as the public demands cleaner products but let’s be frank:  they can be a pain in the rear to clean, especially if your toddler sidetracks you during meal prep and you end up letting the temp get too high for too long.

Enter…. the Magic Eraser.

I came late to Magic Eraser.  It wasn’t until my son drew on my parent’s walls last Christmas and I frantically texted my parenting and teacher friends for removal how-to’s that the product ever crossed my radar.  (For the record, my parents left the marker on the walls.  They’re amazing.)  Now I keep one by the sink and find that even my husband is willing to use my stainless steel skillet because suddenly it’s easy to clean!!  Same goes for our pyrex saucepans.  Every time I reach for it I remember that I’ve been meaning to share this secret that brings me so much joy (clean cookware made clean so easily!) and so there you have it.  What used to take shakes and shakes of Bon Ami (another earth and health friendly cleaner) is not gone with a swipe of a funny white sponge and that makes me one happy working housewife.

Note that cast iron falls into the realm of healthy cookware too, but its cleaning routine is so radically different that I haven’t tried Magic Eraser on it.

What are you favorite pots and pans?  How do you keep them clean?