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Very understanding company. Whenever an issue comes up they will correct the problem. I have recommended their services to multiple people. They treat medical problems from the inside out.

Rudy Hernandez

Our family sees Dr. Derek and recommend him to all!

Sarah Cooper

I am on the road to being healthy again! Dr. Derek is great! Thanks, Sunrise and Dr. Derek!

Tena Nipper

Dr. Derek Lawrence is my family’s hero! My brother also sees him, and many of our friends are going to be working with him as well. If you are looking for a natural approach to healing that actually works, this is where it’s at. The staff here is so sweet and Dr. Derek is incredibly attentive and knowledgeable. We cannot sing his praises enough and are so grateful for everything he has done for our son!

Eryn Sotelo

“My experience at Sunrise has always been positive in every way. They truly care about their patients, this is not assembly line medicine. I am not a number. This is customized care. I am so very thankful for finding Dr. Kanes Tressell and Dr. Derek Lawrence.

Carol Clement-Bryan

“At this point, I have only seen Dr. Lawrence once but I feel that I have made a very good choice. I get the feeling that Dr. Lawrence and his staff actually care about my health which is already much better than it was before I went to Sunrise Natural Medicine.”

Ray Hubbell

“Within 2 weeks Dr. Derek rid me of heart palpitations and brought back the energy that is rightfully mine at 40, while the traditional medical system insisted heart palpitations and crippling fatigue was simply normal. He also gave me hope by educating me on the ways naturopathic treatment supports my whole system, which made me excited to fully embrace continuing to improve my lifestyle. I wish for everyone the privilege to partner with Dr. Derek to feel their best.”

Bethany Lahammer

“I cannot fully express how Dr. Lawrence and naturopathic medicine have improved my standard of living. Traditional Md’s suggested birth control pills for monthly migraine headaches without a consideration of searching for the source of the symptom. Dr. Lawrence considered the health of my entire body and searched deeper than what appeared to be the obvious source (and found it), he helped me realize that moms should not expect to be as tired as I was, and was such a motivator in getting me back to emotional health that I didn’t realize I was lacking. He has a gift for making awkward conversations feel normal and being an uplifting motivator.

The road to health does take a lot of time and effort, it has no “magic pill.” My life is forever changed because of Dr. Lawrence and naturopathic medicine. I cringe at the thought of the path my health would be on if it weren’t for him. Dr. Lawrence is AMAZING!”

Kristina Jordan

“Amazing service and amazing results!”

(A happy patient of Dr. Colby).

Sarah Leavelle

“Love Dr. Hansen and Dr. Lawrence, love going to my appointments”

Sandy Bell

“I am so thankful for Sunrise! I met with Dr. Hansen and she took her time to listen to any issues I had, and explained everything in DETAIL! She helped me support and balance my hormones naturally and improve my overall health. I have improved sleep quality and more energy than I can ever remember having! I am so happy that I found them and am grateful for Dr. Hansen and the wonderful staff at Sunrise!”

Kari McNally

Amazing place! Dr. Colby is incredible and the staff is kind and helpful. Sunrise is proving to be a life-changer.

Melanie Catherine Brake