Sunrise Natural Medicine Services

Enjoy Your Quality of Life

When you have a health issue, you want relief. Sunrise Natural Medicine doctors cover the range of routine physicals or labs to integrative healthcare. Our integrative healthcare addresses the scope of physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual, and environmental issues that affect your health.

We work with you to improve your quality of life in both the short and long-term.

Primary Care

Our doctors treat all ages – from pediatric to geriatric. We are family doctors for acute conditions such as a cold or the flu. Also, we treat chronic conditions such as allergies or diabetes. Licensed naturopathic doctors have the qualifications to request and review lab results. Furthermore, we make a diagnosis, write prescriptions, and recommend treatment. We’re happy to work with your healthcare team to provide you with the best possible outcomes.

Wellness Programs

Custom wellness programs are based on your individual needs and health goals. Examples include:


LENS neurofeedback is an approach to brain health that stimulates the healing capacity of the body. Furthermore, it normalizes disrupted physiology. This treatment works well in addressing symptoms of central nervous system dysfunction. Central nervous system dysfunction includes ADD, ADHD, traumatic brain injury, anxiety, autism spectrum disorders, PTSD, seizures, and birth trauma. Other problems that LENS treatment can improve include bedwetting, night terrors, teeth grinding, and sleep walking. Moreover, LENS treatment can improve addiction, depression, suicidal behavior and more.

Weight Management

Commitment to losing weight isn’t just taking it off; it’s keeping weight off.  At Sunrise Natural Medicine, we don’t just want to help patients “lose” weight; we want to transform that stored energy into vitality, motivation and well-being. Also, we want to reduce your risk factors for chronic disease. Our goal is to uncover and treat the causes behind your weight accumulation.

Age Well

We frequently treat conditions associated with aging – memory loss, aches and pains, poor sleep and more.  Rather than affects of growing older, these symptoms often result from accumulated toxicity, physical imbalances and lifestyle habits.  You can’t stop growing older, but you can certainly stop your health from declining. Best of all, Sunrise Natural Medicine will help show you how.

Sleep Well

Adequate quality sleep is essential to managing your weight and decreasing your risk of serious accidents and illnesses.  Good sleep is necessary at every age in order to be able to play well and think hard. Are you getting enough sleep? Sunrise Natural Medicine will help you understand why you aren’t sleeping well. And we get you on the path to more, and more productive Zzzz’s.

Low-Level Laser Therapy

Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) applies laser or LED light to reduce pain and/or inflammation. Also, LLLT improves tissue repair. If you suffer from back pain, knee pain, arthritis, nerve pain, sprains, or post-operative pain, then low-level laser therapy may be helpful to you. LLLT stimulates mitochondria in cells to produce energy (or ATP). Cellular energy increases and oxidative stress decreases in the target area. It’s helpful because any time there is injury, inflammation, or tissue damage, our cells need extra energy and antioxidants to heal. Therefore, low-level laser therapy is a painless, non-invasive and quick therapy.

Fertility and Preconception Care

Do you want to have a baby? Would you like to ensure you are in prime health before starting this adventure? Are you having difficulty getting pregnant? Sunrise Natural Medicine works with both prospective parents through lab testing, physical exams, diet, nutrition and lifestyle counseling. Furthermore, we work with both parents throughout detoxification, and botanical support too. And we do all this to optimize your future baby’s health. Naturopathic care continues through pregnancy and postpartum period to optimize the ease of pregnancy, delivery and the first year.

The Four A’s: Autism, ADHD, Allergies, Asthma

Coined “The New Childhood Epidemics” by Kenneth Bock, MD, these conditions affect almost half of our children. Therefore, Sunrise Natural Medicine offers a unique, customized program of specialized diagnostics and individualized treatment. Our diagnostics and individualized treatment uncovers and treats the root causes and imbalances that propagate these disruptive conditions. We want to see our children – and our families – flourish.

Long Distance Care

Sunrise Natural Medicine offers long-distance health consultations via phone or web-based video chat for patients who would like additional naturopathic support but are not in the Kern County area.  We are required to see patients in person first, and may work long distance for subsequent appointments. Long distance patients must have a local doctor for primary care, necessary laboratory tests and specialist referrals.

Please download our eBook, Wellness Without Limits to learn more about how naturopathic medicine can help you overcome health concerns, improve your energy level, and look and feel your best for years to come.