It’s our understanding that bodies were meant to function happily, effectively and efficiently.

That clear eyes are to drift open in the morning, letting in sunshine to a mind that is calm and alert.

Bodies stand erect out of bed without aches, pains or stiffness and carry on through the day stepping, bending, reaching, carrying, lifting and folding with ease.

Pain-free mouths use pain-free teeth to chew nourishing foods, which transform in the belly to energy and vitality, leaving the body feeling light. Cravings are for healthy foods which feed. (Waste products, of course, are effortlessly and even enjoyably removed.)

With focused attention, tasks are accomplished satisfactorily without frustration. When focus wavers, it is restored after a period of rest or movement.

Optimally healthy bodies do get sick: it’s like recurrency training for the immune system. Contagion invade, the immune system responds swiftly with a fever requiring a day in bed, and before long it’s business as usual without so much as a sniffle or cough hanging on.

They can get injured, too, but not so easily or often as less healthy bodies. After an injury, they heal to restore full function. (Incidence of fracture in children is way up, and it’s not because they are more active or doing more dangerous things! Quite the opposite!)

Body odor doesn’t smell so much. Neither does stool. Hair and nails are strong. Skin, acne-free, glows a little.

Menses come monthly–not too early nor hanging around too long, and they bring no baggage of mood swings or cramps. Where pregnancy is sought, fertility answers. Uncomplicated pregnancies result in vigorous, full term babies.

And, at the end of the day, a tired self, lays down in bed, mind now calm, alert–and sleepy, and drifts easily into a sound sleep that lasts until, well rested and without an alarm clock, eyes open. [Parents of small children excepted. Sorry.]

Here are a few common experiences that really should not be a part of anyone’s regular routine: fatigue; headaches; joint pain; foot pain; back pain; TMJ; belly aches, constipation, diarrhea, bloating or GERD; seasonal allergies; PMS, debilitating cramps, hot flashes; mood swings; inability to focus/behavioral issues; insomnia; anxiety; low libido; uncomfortable skin rashes.

Health potential varies from person to person based on inherited and circumstantial factors (listen here for how grandpa’s childhood diet affects your health potential), but with conscientious decision making and a health care partner who understands what optimal health looks like, it is possible to reach–and enjoy–your own best health.