As we move through December and the holiday season toward the New Year, it’s natural to think about the things we want to have/be/do differently next year.  In 2018 I’ll stop eating ice cream before bed or after the new year I’ll establish a better daily routine.  Maybe, as soon as the holidays are over, I’ll start to work out!

Or perhaps your thoughts are closer to, 2018 will be the year I reverse my Type 2 Diabetes or stop having migraines; fix my digestion once and for all; get to the bottom of my hormones mess; or, halt my auto immune diseases.  You want less pain. More energy. Better balance.

Whether you hope to address specific health concerns, adjust less-than-ideal-habits or just generally optimize health and well being, for most of us there is something we would like to be different by this time next year.

In the last weeks of December the internet will sing with articles about making resolutions and setting goals, so we aren’t going to duplicate that message here,  Instead, we’d like to teach you one thing you probably aren’t doing, that you ought to do, to make 2018 the success you would like it to be:


2017–and all the years before it–have held lessons for you!  Before we can move into 2018 and make any headway on our desires, what is it we’ve learned so far?

We suggest that you grab a pen and paper (or open a word document) and answer these questions “stream-of-consciousness” style.  It will be worth your time!

Thinking back over the last year….

  1. What really worked?  What felt great, energized you, fit in with your lifestyle and values?  What made that work for you?  Would it work again moving forward?  How can you bring it into the New Year, either the specific activity or the essence of it?
  2. What was hard? What drained you, did not work the way you wanted it to, felt (feels!) like a struggle?  What are the lessons in these hard spots?  What does the hard stuff tell you about your values and desires?
  3. What will you take with you? What lessons, activities, routines, behaviors, relationships, understandings-of-self do you want to bring into your next chapter with you?
  4. What will you let go of and leave behind?  What lessons, behaviors, relationships, self-images will you leave behind?  Think about stories you might be telling yourself that might not be true (for example, “I’m tired” or “I’m sick” or “we’ll never make it”); can you let go of them?

We credit Lisa Byrne for teaching us this way of “closing the circle” at the end of a year.

Now, having “closed the circle,”  wonder to yourself, what shifts can I make to be the best me in 2018?  Where do I want to go from here?  What gifts does this next year have for me?

If you are part of the Sunrise Natural Medicine family, you are working with licensed naturopathic doctors to address specific health concerns or optimize your health and wellbeing.  We are excited to move into the New Year alongside you!  If you are not, maybe you ought to be?  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions about how we can help you meet and exceed your health goals for 2018.