What are symptoms of weight management issues?

Weight management is feeling good and feeling good about your body. Many people have trouble losing weight or maintaining their ideal weight. They think, “If I just make myself stop eating [cake, cookies, chips, whatever] and exercise more, everything will be ok.” For some people, that’s true. But there may be other factors if you feel like you’re eating a healthy diet, and still struggle with your weight. It’s worth exploring options to help you feel better.

How we help with weight management:

Weight management is not simply counting calories in/calories out. Your body may not be processing your food properly, or you may have a food sensitivity that creates issues. The doctors at Sunrise Natural Medicine explore options such as shifting what type of foods and fats you eat, and keeping sugar levels down. Hormone imbalance may also play a role in weight management. Your body has several types of hormones, and if one or more aren’t functioning correctly, it’s a challenge to lose or maintain ideal weight. We can identify issues with hormones and recommend non-pharmaceutical ways to bring hormones into balance.

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