What are symptoms of fatigue?

Fatigue may be mild or extreme, and either way, it’s best to take care of the issue for a better quality of life. Chronic tiredness, a feeling of weakness or lethargy are common with fatigue. Trouble getting out bed day after day, lack of energy, irritability, and cloudy thinking are also signs that you may need help to overcome fatigue.

How we help with fatigue:

Fatigue has many sources that may be related to other conditions. It’s rarely just tiredness by itself. We always begin by talking with patients about what’s going on, not just with their body, but about life situations that may have a physical effect, such as stress. Then, we may recommend tests to establish a baseline or check on specific factors such as glucose, cholesterol, levels of Vitamin D, or other factors. We can make recommendations for treating the symptoms you feel while also considering and dealing with the cause of fatigue.

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