A guest post from a friend of Sunrise Natural Medicine, with a tip we think you’ll love!

There’s knowing what is good for your family and doing what is good for your family; the former doesn’t necessarily lead to the latter.  For many of us, incorporating the changes suggested by our NDs takes quite a bit of effort.  The payoff is worth it–when we can figure out how to take and do the things we need to take and do!

If you know your children sleep better with lavender on their feet but you never have the lavender oil on you, or your doctor has suggested castor oil belly rubs and the castor oil is always in the wrong bedroom, you are very much not alone.  Sometimes the walk down the hall to get one more forgotten item is just toooo much at the end of a long day with little ones.

Our solution?

A Bedtime Basket.  The woven one we use was 3/$1 at the dollar tree last Spring, but any caddy or basket would work.  We keep ours in the linen closet in the hallway near the kid’s bedrooms, high enough that the kids can’t grab it but low enough to be easy for mom.  Making space required demoting some extra, rarely used towels–and has been so worth it.

Our basket currently holds:

  • A bottle of roll-on castor oil, for little tummies.
  • All once-daily, non-stimulating, okay-away-from-food medications, supplements and herbs, and anything prescribed to be taken at bedtime (right now, just allergy support)
  • Once-daily and once-weekly homeopathic remedies
  • Bedtime-related flower essences
  • Magnesium lotion
  • Bedtime essential oils (a sleepy blend in a spray bottle is ours right now)
  • A small flashlight, herbal all-purpose salve or antibiotic ointment, and bandaids
  • Nail clippers

The basket travels with me from bedroom to bedroom as I read stories and give goodnight kisses.

Not exaggerating, the bedtime basket has been key in transforming the most difficult time of my day to one of my sweetest.  Each child knows he or she will get the time they need to be cared for, and I know I’ll have the necessary tools at my fingertips.  My stress level is down with a system in place to do the things I know my kids benefit from; their comfort level is up, feeling nurtured by mom.

Mornings, on other other hand, are still very much a work in progress in this house.  What routines, systems and tips do you have in place to make sure your crew gets the probiotics, fish oils, or other drops, powders and potions they need?  Please share!