The quantity and quality of your sleep are vitally important to achieving optimal wellness.  A few tips to optimize your Zzz’s:

1) Go to bed by 10pm.  Every hour of sleep before midnight is worth TWO after midnight

2) Sleep in complete darkness.
  There are some great studies showing how even small amounts of light impact are hormones.  Leave a comment if you’re into that kind of science stuff–I’d love to write those articles if so!

3) Keep your bedroom cool.

4) Sleep with a window cracked.
  (yes, I realize this contradicts #2 in Bakersfield part of the year, but the season of open windows at night is upon us!)

5) Don’t use the computer after 7pm.      …Okay, okay.  While it’s true that that practice would optimize your sleep quantity AND quality, the limit is hardly feasible for most of us, right?  You can decrease the body impact of using your electronics in the evening by installing free color-altering software like f.lux.  This alters the light balance on your screen from more blue to more red, which decreases the negative impact on your melatonin production.  Note I said decreases, not eliminates–but in this case, it all helps!

What keeps you up?