The gifting season is upon us! Here are a few of our favorite things from 2017. Maybe they can help you finish your shopping early? We know the web is full of gift guides right now, so we’re keeping limiting ours to the things that were game changers for us and we think you will truly love knowing about.

Note: these are not affiliate links, just a few things we really like and think you might, too!  Most items can be purchased from multiple vendors; for ease, we linked to a store featuring the best price at the time of writing.  Of course, shop around, and when possible, shop local!

Ready or Not! 150+ Make Ahead, Make Over, and Make-Now Recipes by Nom Nom Paleo
The second cookbook by Michelle Tam of nomnompaleo is just as packed with tasty, healthy meals for Paleo and non-Paleo palates alike.  Organized by how much advance planning is required to get the recipe on the table, we’ve found that this book contains foolproof meals here for every situation, and is a go-to in our homes.

The Instant Pot is a game changer for any home cook–especially a busy one. Producing healthier meals in a fraction of the time that other cooking methods require, the Instant Pot is in daily use in our homes.  We’ve linked to the version that we have, but larger and smaller pots are available, as well as ones with more and fewer features.  We suggest erring on the large side, and making sure yours has the yogurt function.

Wearing Blue Blocking Glasses helps normalize sleep hormones by reducing exposure melatonin-suppressing blue light waves when worn after dark.  Search Blue Blocking Glasses on Amazon to find a style that would make a perfect stocking stuffer for your night owl.

SmartWool Socks come in colors and sizes to suit everyone.  Our families think that cozy new socks are a Christmas treat (is that just us??) and these double as workhorses for the oft-used warming sock treatment.

Even when life is busy or Summer days are hot, our kids need to move! So we adore this door-mounted playground which lets them work their large muscles without needing to trek to the park.

Sauna Gift Certificates. Locals are loving the new infrared sauna in the office.  Far Infrared Sauna is ideal for anyone who is working on improving their health or just needs a relaxing break (consider giving the gift certificates alongside a promise of childcare!).  Contact Us for more information.

Clean Water with a Multipure Water Filter.  From small units for the college student or frequent traveler to high capacity undersink units to whole house filters, Multipure has a water filter to meet every recipient’s needs.  A high-quality water filter is a gift that gives all day long, day after day!

Chatbooks.  These simple, beautiful books are easy to make from pictures on your phone.  We have an ongoing family series, and regularly gift these to grandparents.  The ease and simplicity makes these a photo book we can actually complete!

Other Ideas…

DIY gifts such as: homemade spice mixes; homemade green smoothie packs; salt- or sugar-scrubs; custom tea blends.

Gifts that may reduce everyday toxic exposure such as: glass food-storage containers; essential oils for making homemade cleaning products; drinking lids for mason jars.

Healthy, earth-friendly household products such as: beeswax candles, reusable grocery bags (these are our FAVORITE), goat milk soap, essential oil diffusers.

What are you excited to give and receive this year?