Practical Naturopathic & Herbal Medicine

Why Naturopathic Medicine?

Healthy living is enjoying abundant energy, restful sleep, freedom from aches and pains, balanced moods, superior mental stamina, and a strong sense of well-being. Feeling your best, vibrant self comes from a whole-body perspective.


At Sunrise Natural Medicine, our mission is to treat people, not just diseases. You are the sum of your life physically, emotionally, and socially. When something is out of balance, our licensed naturopathic doctors consider many factors to get to the root cause. Then, we recommend treatments from a vast number of therapies that work with the body to restore your health.


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We provide help with countless health issues, such as:


Chronic tiredness, a feeling of weakness or lethargy are common with fatigue.  Trouble getting out bed day after day, lack of energy, irritability, and cloudy thinking are also signs that you may need help to overcome fatigue.


You may have digestive issues if you’re sleepy after eating, belch, have or pass gas, feel bloated, have stomach pain, or constipation.

Hormone Imbalance

Symptoms of an imbalance may be weight gain, belly fat, loss of muscle mass, disturbed sleep, low libido, fatigue, anxiety, irritability, cravings, and digestive problems.

Pregnancy and Fertility

Good health in both parents gives a baby their best chance at being born healthy. We often work with women who want to become pregnant, including those who have had a difficult time conceiving.  We are not OB/GYNs; we see our role as supporting you on your journey to becoming pregnant and being as healthy as possible.

Weight Management

Weight management is not simply counting calories in/calories out. Your body may not be processing your food properly, or you may have a food sensitivity that creates issues. Our docs explore options such as shifting what type of foods and fats you eat, and keeping sugar levels down. Hormone imbalance may also play a role.

Thyroid Issues

Several symptoms of thyroid issues are the same as those often associated with aging or other conditions, so problems go un-diagnosed. We’ll likely recommend testing to identify root issues. We don’t just look at a range of ‘normalcy.’ We want your hormone levels to be optimal so that you can feel your best.

Talk with our doctors about whatever health issues are troubling you. We provide an alternative point of view and the work we do may be either independent or in tandem with your other doctors.

Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Brian Myers, ND

"I believe in people. I believe in each person’s innate ability to heal. I take a thorough and balanced approach guided by the naturopathic principles foundational to my education. I believe I can help you on your path towards optimal health and longevity. My choice of naturopathic medicine was deliberate. A teacher at heart, health and wellness have been foundational my whole life and I am eager to share what I have learned with you."

Dr. Pamela Colby, ND

"I believe that symptoms and disease are signs of a deeper energetic imbalance. I teach my patients how to create healthy lifestyle routines while identifying and treating the underlying cause of disease. Also, I value listening to the individual needs of each patient and strive to create a partnership between doctor and patient. As a result, I am dedicated to helping others with their health journey."

Dr. Derek Lawrence, ND

"I’m proud to be a core member of Sunrise Natural Medicine and serve Bakersfield and the Central Valley. I have been part of the healthcare community here for years and I have been amazed to see how it has grown as more and more people seek a way to better understand their health.

That is what I do best. I am passionate about helping you find out how to take an active role in understanding and achieving what good health actually means."


“Within 2 weeks Dr. Derek rid me of heart palpitations and brought back the energy that is rightfully mine at 40, while the traditional medical system insisted heart palpitations and crippling fatigue was simply normal.


He also gave me hope by educating me on the ways naturopathic treatment supports my whole system, which made me excited to fully embrace continuing to improve my lifestyle.”

— B. Lahammer





Our doctors treat patients of all ages – from pediatric to geriatric. We are family doctors for acute conditions such as a cold or the flu. Also, we treat chronic conditions such as allergies or diabetes. Licensed naturopathic doctors have the qualifications to request, review and interpret lab results. Furthermore, we make a diagnosis, write prescriptions, and recommend treatment. We’re happy to work with your healthcare team to provide you with the best possible outcomes.

Wellness Programs

We create customized wellness programs are based on your individual needs and specific health goals.


Examples include:

  • Weight management

  • Sleep hygiene

  • Detox

  • Athletic Recovery

  • Pain Management

After starting treatment with our doctors, it’s reasonable for you to expect to feel better, with more energy and vitality for daily life.


Laser Therapy

Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) applies laser or LED light to reduce pain and/or inflammation. Also, LLLT improves tissue repair.


If you suffer from back pain, knee pain, arthritis, nerve pain, sprains, or post-operative pain, then low-level laser therapy may be helpful to you.


This drug free pain relief only takes a few minutes, and has no side effects.


Cervella Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulator is an FDA-Cleared Non-Drug Alternative for Treatment of Anxiety, Depression, and Insomnia.


for more information.



Shockwave Treatment is used to help treat many conditions, such as:





Lab Orders

& Interpretation

To help each patient get the best care possible, our doctors will order comprehensive testing as necessary to help patients determine the root cause of their issues. While they do order common blood tests, our doctors also utilize many specialty testing companies. 

These tests are often used to look for things such as, heavy metals, viruses  SIBO, hormonal imbalances, or food and environmental allergies (just to name a few).

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We stock and drop ship a wide variety of brands and types of supplements to our patients. Special orders can also be made by calling or stopping by our clinic

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